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Fischer, Roland & Dittmann, Philipp & Schröder, Christoph & Zachmann, Gabriel. 2020. Improved Lossless Depth Image Compression. In Journal of WSCG. 28. 168-176. 10.24132/JWSCG.2020.28.21.

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Reinschluessel, A., Fischer, R., Schumann, C., Uslar, V., Muender, T., Katzky, U., Kißner, H.,  Kraft, V., Lampe, M.,  Lück, T., Bock-Müller, K., Nopper. H., Pelzl, S., Wenig, D., Schenk, A., Weyhe, D., Zachmann, G., Malaka, R.. Introducing Virtual & 3D-Printed Models for Improved Collaboration in Surgery. in CURAC-18th Annual Meeting of the German Society for Computer- and Robot-Assisted Surgery, 2019.

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