Intraoperative Support

During the surgery, the image data of the organ helps the surgeons to get a better orientation in order to make decisions. For this purpose, the VIVATOP team is developing an AR application that displays the relevant information in the field of vision of the VR glasses. Voice control enables the surgeons to operate the device without having to use their hands.

At the same time, the surgery can be presented live in VR so that external experts can be interactively consulted outside the operating room (“remote, collaborative, immersive surgeon consultation”). With the help of in-depth cameras, sensors and a bundle of other state-of-the-art technologies, the hand movements of the physicians as well as the surgical operations on the affected organ are recorded and displayed in VR. The data, which has been prepared prior to the surgical procedure, can also be displayed simultaneously in the VR world. Thereby, this system allows a worldwide cooperation between specialists during a surgical procedure.